662 KIDS = More Fun, Freedom, & Impact!

It was our biggest year EVER, in which Variety provided 662 adaptive bikes, adaptive strollers, and/or communication devices to children with disabilities!!

For our small team, it was no easy accomplishment, but the transformative impact created for 662 kids and their families was priceless for us all!

Many of you know this quote by Fred Rogers, who said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

You are the HELPERS, you are the GIVERS, and you are the LIFE-CHANGERS that make Variety’s work a reality, and we want to thank you through the smiles of our extraordinary kids!

Ozie’s ready for his 2nd My Bike® after he outgrew his first one!

Ozie is pictured above on his new bike!

Ozie’s mom, Ashley explained what an adaptive bike has meant,

Having an adaptive bike is so important to my son Ozie. He is 11 now and he understands that he is different from all other children and can’t ride a normal bike. It was hard for him to understand but he realized that a normal bike doesn’t have the support for him, and he is unable to keep his feet on the petals and he has no balance. By him having his own adaptive bike, allows him to get out of the house and partake in outdoor activities with all the kids in our neighborhood and our family. Everyone deserves to have their own bike and the joys of being a kid. This program allows that.”

Emma’s My Stroller® has her smiling!

Emma’s looking comfy in her new stroller.

Emma is pictured above “all smiles” in her new adaptive stroller that was provided through our My Stroller® Program, and with it, Emma now has a light-weight, collapsible, and comfortable way to get around. There’s not much more to add to the beautiful smile on Emma’s face!

Mason’s My Voice® Has His Brother EXCITED!

Mason and his brother checkout his new communication device for the first time!

Mason’s mom, Nicole explained why the communication device is so important,

“Mason has a delay in his speech. While he is doing amazing and trying to talk more and more every day, he continues to get frustrated when he is trying to tell or ask for things and others don’t understand him. Having a device that Mason will be able to communicate from will help him express his needs and will also improve his speech.”

As 2020 is nearly upon us, we hope you’ll continue to share in the smiles of our extraordinary kids and their families, as we strive to create even more impact for even more kids!

Cheers for Emmett, Cheyenne, Antony, & Charlee!

Unlike most musicians, VARIETY NEVER STOPS TOURING!

We are continually touring throughout our service area of 64 counties all year long to present adaptive bikes, adaptive strollers, and communication devices to kids with disabilities. We aren’t just providing equipment, we are providing life-changing opportunities for our kids to discover where their lives can go, and we’re grateful that you continue to share in the joy with us.  


Emmett is all smiles with his new voice!

Emmett, age 6 received his new communication device during a presentation with the Seneca Highlands Intermediate Unit 9 team on Tuesday, August 13th!

His mom, Melissa explained why this device is SO important,

“Emmett is completely non-verbal , and it is extremely difficult to understand some of his ‘signs’. He has trialed a device in school and has done great with it. We would like to expand with that and be able to work with him at home and with the schools, in hopes that we’ll be able to establish a more effective way of communicating with him. Right now, Emmett uses some modified signs that sometimes only me or the school understands.  It becomes frustrating for him, and all parties involved when we don’t understand what he needs. I have found myself late at night videotaping Emmett crying, requesting the same sign over and over as I’m not understanding what he’s trying to ask me and texting it to someone from his classroom for help.  I really believe this device could make a huge change.”

During the presentation, Melissa went further to tell us Emmett had not been feeling good for weeks and no one could figure out what was wrong with him. Just a few days ago, the doctors were able to pin point his symptoms to believe that Emmett has had lime disease… without a voice, Emmett and his parents have had to live with frustration, but no longer will that be the case.


Antony and Cheyenne are pictured above all smiles on their new bikes!

On Monday, August 12th, Variety partnered with PlayWorks and the West Virginia Black Bears to present Cheyenne and Antony (pictured above with some of the players) with their 2nd adaptive bikes (after outgrown their 1st bikes that they received when we kicked off in WV in 2014)!

Cheyenne’s mom, Tracy told us, “The bike allows Cheyenne to be out in the neighborhood and community with friends. It gives her a sense of being a part of the group of kids instead of being left out. Inclusion is so important”

Antony’s mom, Sandra told us, “Having an adaptive bike gives him another avenue to be active and exercise and feel like he can do the things that he sees other kids his again doing.  It is a way for him to feel more like a normal child and feel like he can interact with other children instead of having to just watch them.”



Rose is pictured on the left surrounded by her family, The Honorable Tom Corbett, and IU17’s Dr. Christina Steinbacher-Reed, and on the right enjoying her very first ride on her new bike!

Lastly, on August 5th, Variety kicked off its programs with the BLaST IU 17 team, where we were joined by The Honorable Tom Corbett. Rose was one of 10 kids that received their new adaptive bikes, and her family couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Her mom, Joanna told us, “It would also give her a chance to enjoy the outdoors not confined to a stationary chair. I truly believe that receiving an adaptive bike would increase Rose’s quality of life!! She could enjoy voluntary movement, get outside more, and have fun! The motion that an adaptive bike would provide would increase her muscle movement, keep her flexible, and give her a chance to feel like a kid. Every kid should have a bike. The feeling of riding, the peace it brings. The thought of seeing her enjoy something as simple as bike riding makes my heart smile…”

THERE ARE MORE SMILES TO COME, so please stay with us as we keep touring along, as it’s all for the kids!

SPRING TOUR Provides 347 Pieces of Equipment Worth $526,000!!


We’re thrilled to share that Variety’s Life-Changing SPRING TOUR presented a total of 347 pieces of adaptive equipment to children with disabilities over 18 separate stops throughout our service area.

Specifically, we provided 147 adaptive bikes, 128 communication devices, and 72 adaptive strollers worth $526,000 between April 1st through June 18th — and we couldn’t have done it without our incredible partners, supporters, and friends!

Together… we gave MORE SMILES,

Three of the many kids that received new adaptive bikes!


Three of the many kids that received new adaptive strollers!


Three of the many kids that received new communication devices!

A historic amount of equipment was presented over the last two and a half months, and we couldn’t have done it without our community of committed helpers. Thank you for sharing in the joy of our work and helping us to make sure that more people know Variety exists, so more kids receive this life-changing equipment.

Maximizing Possibilities One Child at a Time

This is Effie, who received an adaptive bike AND communication device through Variety. Now… she’ll have voice to communicate their thoughts and feelings, as well as a bike to be included and have fun with their friends / family! Read below for more on this extraordinary girl.

Effie is all smiles with her new device!

4-year old Effie first received her adaptive bike through Variety this past April, and then just this past Tuesday, Effie got her new communication device!

Her mom, Erin described to us during the presentation why this device is SO important, and as a father / grandfather, it was hard to take in.

“Effie got hurt at school. The teacher knew something was wrong. The teacher called me right away and I too knew something was wrong as soon as I saw Effie, but Effie couldn’t tell us what was wrong.

We took her to the doctor – who knew something was wrong and that she was in pain, but Effie couldn’t tell us. It took four days and three doctor visits to figure it out — Effie had a fractured leg. We got her the treatment and she is a happy girl again… With her new communication device, hearing her interact with her family and friends will be terrific and to get to know her will be amazing!”

Erin also gave us an update on how the bike has impacted Effie and her family, “Now, we go to North Park and go on the bike trails where everyone else is riding. Effie does it by herself – just like everybody else. She is riding, and it is AMAZING… thank you for what is a life-changing opportunity for our daughter.”

Left is Effie on her bike at the presentation — Right is Effie riding her bike at the park.

Not only did we provide Effie with a bike that she’s able to ride, but we provided her with a voice that she can use at all times. It’s our hope to provide this equipment to every eligible child that needs it, and to maximize their possibilities in life!

“My Bike” Kicks Off to HELP MORE KIDS!

“My Bike” has been on the move to Eastern Pennsylvania, and we are thrilled to recap two of our recent kickoff presentations to serve kids in Carbon, Luzerne, and Wyoming Counties!

Some of the kids on their new bikes from LIU18!

On Thursday, May 23rd, we kicked off our “My Bike” Program for kids in Luzerne and Wyoming Counties in partnership with the Luzerne Intermediate Unit 18 and Organized Labor, and we presented 10 adaptive bikes! Our presentation was combined with their massive Field Day event for more than 700 kids with disabilities, so it was truly a day of pure joy and fun.

Mikey’s mom, Nicole summed up what the day meant to WNEP-TV, “To be able to find a bike, one that he can ride and be able to do something that’s typical is just amazing, and from a mom standpoint, to be able to see him ride a bike and smile again, it’s very emotional.”

Check out some of the coverage that we received from the day and share in the joy with us:

Then, on Wednesday, June 21st, we kicked off “My Bike” with the Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit 21 team to present 12 adaptive bikes to kids in Carbon County!

Some of the kids on their bikes from CLIU21!

For 12-year old Ryan (top left in the above photo) this adaptive bike will open him up to more activities with his family.

His mom, Amanda told us, “An adaptive bike would be special to my child because it will help him develop the motor and physical skills it takes to ride a bike. My son wants to be able to ride a bike with us when we go on bike rides.

He has a hard time riding a regular bike and an adaptive bike would allow him to be able to do something he hasn’t been able to accomplish. An adaptive bike would allow him to make new friends because he would be doing something age appropriate.”

Check out some of the coverage we received and share in the joy with us:

These were our first presentations of bikes in Luzerne, Wyoming, and Carbon Counties, and we hope it only gets bigger from here.

“I FELT SPECIAL…I could actually fit in.”

Three Sisters Can Now Ride Bikes TOGETHER!

Pictured above is Laney (left), Sarah (middle), and Lizzy (right).

Last Tuesday, 14-year old Laney received her new PINK adaptive bike from Variety during a special presentation at Saint Vincent Hospital, and it was a life-changer, as her mom, Traci put it.

Two of Laney’s sisters, Sarah and Lizzy already received adaptive bikes from Variety over the last two years, and now, these three sisters get to ride bikes side-by-side!

We could tell you more about the joy and impact, but better to hear it first-hand from Laney and her mom, Traci. Click here to watch this short, but beautiful video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpxdFwdaDP4&feature=youtu.be.

During our June 4th presentation, Variety provided a total of 37 adaptive bikes, adaptive strollers, and communication devices to kids like Laney and dozens more (altogether worth $52,800 in equipment).

We were even joined by SVH President & CEO, Dr. Christopher Clark and City of Erie Mayor Joseph Schember (pictured below with Laney and her sister Yili).

All smiles at the presentation!

It was a DAY OF JOY, and you can watch this YourErie.com segment that captures more smiles and more from Laney herself to keep you smiling through the weekend – https://www.yourerie.com/news/local-news/37-kids-with-disabilities-receive-adaptive-equipment-during-tour/.

Pictured above is Brilynn (left), new friends Skylar and Lilyan (middle), and Tristan, who are ALL SMILES!

Our Families Go ABOVE & BEYOND!

The pure joy of our kids is inspiring to us all who see it, but so is the love and devotion of their families, who are the true heroes for our kids.

Anna, age 15 received her new adaptive bike through Variety last Wednesday, June 5th at the Capital Area Intermediate Unit, and she rode with great joy in our bike parade!

Anna is pictured above on her new Black & Gold bike with her power wheelchair & Hoyer lift in the background.

Her mom, Deb told us a bit about Anna’s journey and why this new bike was SO IMPORTANT,

“Because of Anna’s extended illness, she has lost a lot of strength. Her physician called her deconditioned. Anna has been asking for two years to ride her bike, but her current adaptive tricycle is not supportive enough and is now too small.

Riding a bike is very motivating for Anna and she will regain strength if she rides, but we need a bike that is safe for her. It will also motivate her to go outside since the neighborhood kids are always outside playing and riding. For a home-bound kid, that’s an incredible opportunity. She will feel like she can participate with her peers.”

Behind the scenes, it was Anna’s loving team who worked to make the presentation and bike parade possible for her, and I wanted to describe it for you:

  • Anna’s mom, Deb and older sister, Kaitlyn came hours early to the CAIU to drop off her Hoyer Life (seen in above photo), which is needed to lift Anna out of her wheelchair and onto her bike.
  • Then, Deb and Kaitlyn had to go back home to pick up Anna and bring her over for the presentation – there’s not enough room to fit Anna and the lift in the adaptive van.
  • With Anna’s mom, sister, OT, and aid, along with our partners from Blackburn’s, they used the Hoyer Lift to get Anna onto her bike during the presentation. The result of all that work is seen in Anna’s beautiful smile as she’s finally able to ride a bike. 
  • After the fantastic parade with all the CAIU staff cheering on our kids as they rode down the hallway, once again her devoted team had to use the Hoyer Lift to get Anna back into her wheelchair. Deb then drove Anna home, and then returned to pick-up the bike and Hoyer Lift.

It hit me so hard to watch the deeply committed love of a mother and sister to give Anna the opportunity to be included and ride a bike just like other kids do.

Their commitment to Anna was inspiring to see and it could have been missed in the commotion of our presentation. It hit me was that the best way to honor the love and devotion of this mother is to make sure that her daughter and every child like hers gets the opportunity to ride a bike.

After the presentation, Deb told me,

I was so excited that she was able to pedal the bike without having to be pushed! She hasn’t been able to do that in many years. I could see her whole body moving as she pushed the pedals. I felt hopeful that she would get stronger and feel better now that she has a fun, motivating way to exercise. My heart was warmed by her joy and excitement. She was beaming!


Recently, we had two incredible presentations with the Allegheny Intermediate Unit 3 on Wednesday, May 22nd and the Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 on Monday, May 20th to present adaptive bikes, adaptive strollers, and communication devices!

Allegheny Intermediate Unit 3:

Excitingly, we held our first presentation in partnership with AIU3, and their team went all out to make the day extra special with balloons and a welcoming warmth. We presented 13 adaptive bikes, 3 adaptive strollers, and 3 communication devices, as well as fit 4 more kids for bikes.

We were especially grateful to have Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and Pennsylvania State Senator Pam Iovino join us for the special day and celebrate our kids.

Children like 8-year old Sam (above left) and 7-year old Ella (above right) received their own customized adaptive bikes, and they couldn’t have been more excited!

Sam’s mom, Danielle explained the bike’s importance by saying, “This bike is vital to Sam getting exercise. He is not able to walk unassisted now and even a walker is too difficult, so he mostly gets around in his medical stroller and sits a lot of the day. The bike gives him independence to get around and work his muscles and get some exercise.”

Ella’s mom, Sarah also told us, “As her Mother, it is heartbreaking to have to explain that there are certain limitations that Ella must endure for her own safety and due to her ability.

The positives that would come from Ella having an adaptive bike seem endless – building muscle strength, coordination and flexibility, improved balance, motor skills and body awareness. The list goes on! For our family, this bike is so important because Ella can finally feel what it is like to get out there and go, especially with her siblings! She just wants a chance to keep up with the other kids.”

Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8:

Additionally, we presented 11 adaptive bikes, 11 adaptive strollers, and 7 communication devices, as well as fit 2 more kids for bikes with AIU8!

Taylor is all smiles on her new bike!

For Taylor, age 7, a new adaptive bike means A LOT, and her mom, Ashlee explained why, “As Taylor gets older, she is realizing things she is unable to do that her younger siblings are learning and that her peers have mastered. It hurts her feelings and lowers her self-esteem. I would love for her to be able to enjoy something as simple as riding a bike with her friends or us as a family. Her independence is important to her and to her father and me. While we can hold her on a bike or trailer, she is aware that she ‘should’ be able to ride alone and wants to so badly, but her depth perception, lack of balance, inability to pedal and her weak legs make it impossible on any typical bike.”

It was also thrilling to see Riley, age 16 get his new communication device, as he previously received an adaptive bike from Variety… He sums up the day perfectly using his device.

Riley is showing off his new device.

A big shout out to our Intermediate Unit partners, who are a huge component to making our programs a success and getting this life-changing equipment to eligible kids in need – and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Rep. Dermody Joins LIFE-CHANGING TOUR!

Yesterday, we were honored to have Pennsylvania State Representative Frank Dermody join us for our presentation of 22 adaptive bikes, adaptive strollers, and communication devices at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall (hosted by Blackburn’s).

Above is Rep. Dermody and I getting strapped into our bikes to begin the parade!

In addition to Rep. Dermody joining us, we were also joined by representatives from the United Steelworkers – District 10, who raised more than $500,000 with USW International President Leo Gerard to sponsor more equipment for kids!

6-year old Elizabeth received her new PINK adaptive bike yesterday, and we were able to capture one very special moment between her and her mom, Tara – both filled with excitement!

Elizabeth and her mom couldn’t hold back their excitement!

During the presentation, Tara told us, “Elizabeth also got a communication device a few months ago, and we have waited 6 years to hear her voice. She told us through the device that her FAVORITE PERSON is her brother… and now with this bike, she’ll get to ride bikes with him.”

We had a TERRIFIC parade around the Mills Mall, which was led by Rep. Dermody on an adaptive bike himself. Watch the parade yourself by clicking here!

4-year old Joshua also received his new communication device, and his mom, Erin told us first-hand how much it means to her in this short video (click here to watch) – you don’t want to miss it!

Joshua is checking out his new device above.

A Mother’s Day MADE SPECIAL w/ Stroller & Device!

Ezra and Caitlin out on Mother’s Day.

Just last month, 5-year old Ezra received an adaptive stroller and a communication device through Variety’s programs, and this week, we received a VERY SPECIAL update from his mom, Caitlin, who proclaimed on Facebook,

Best Mother’s Day ever. For the first time in years, Ezra was able to join our family our at a restaurant to eat with the help of his new adaptive stroller. He sat at the table so nicely and I was so proud! So many little victories I’ll never take for granted!”

Caitlin also told us that Ezra has made significant progress in the past month with his new communication device, “Out of the silence, the roaring lion! Ezra is starting to talk! Years and years of prayers and waiting and prayers and crying and prayers and hoping and prayers and pleading.

My. Ezra. Is. No. Longer. Silent. He’s trying with everything in him to repeat my words and sounds. This is just the beginning. Because of the communication device, you should see the joy on Ezra’s face when he knows he is being understood!”

Caitlin is pictured above with Ezra in his new stroller and holding his new device at our presentation last April.

To get a feel for Ezra, I thought you might enjoy this very quick video to appreciate how speedy Ezra is in using his device —- his voice (click here to watch). 

This update not only brings me sincere joy, but it fills me with a greater passion to do even more for kids like Ezra and moms like Caitlin because these MOMENTS MATTER.