Cheers for Emmett, Cheyenne, Antony, & Charlee!

Unlike most musicians, VARIETY NEVER STOPS TOURING!

We are continually touring throughout our service area of 64 counties all year long to present adaptive bikes, adaptive strollers, and communication devices to kids with disabilities. We aren’t just providing equipment, we are providing life-changing opportunities for our kids to discover where their lives can go, and we’re grateful that you continue to share in the joy with us.  


Emmett is all smiles with his new voice!

Emmett, age 6 received his new communication device during a presentation with the Seneca Highlands Intermediate Unit 9 team on Tuesday, August 13th!

His mom, Melissa explained why this device is SO important,

“Emmett is completely non-verbal , and it is extremely difficult to understand some of his ‘signs’. He has trialed a device in school and has done great with it. We would like to expand with that and be able to work with him at home and with the schools, in hopes that we’ll be able to establish a more effective way of communicating with him. Right now, Emmett uses some modified signs that sometimes only me or the school understands.  It becomes frustrating for him, and all parties involved when we don’t understand what he needs. I have found myself late at night videotaping Emmett crying, requesting the same sign over and over as I’m not understanding what he’s trying to ask me and texting it to someone from his classroom for help.  I really believe this device could make a huge change.”

During the presentation, Melissa went further to tell us Emmett had not been feeling good for weeks and no one could figure out what was wrong with him. Just a few days ago, the doctors were able to pin point his symptoms to believe that Emmett has had lime disease… without a voice, Emmett and his parents have had to live with frustration, but no longer will that be the case.


Antony and Cheyenne are pictured above all smiles on their new bikes!

On Monday, August 12th, Variety partnered with PlayWorks and the West Virginia Black Bears to present Cheyenne and Antony (pictured above with some of the players) with their 2nd adaptive bikes (after outgrown their 1st bikes that they received when we kicked off in WV in 2014)!

Cheyenne’s mom, Tracy told us, “The bike allows Cheyenne to be out in the neighborhood and community with friends. It gives her a sense of being a part of the group of kids instead of being left out. Inclusion is so important”

Antony’s mom, Sandra told us, “Having an adaptive bike gives him another avenue to be active and exercise and feel like he can do the things that he sees other kids his again doing.  It is a way for him to feel more like a normal child and feel like he can interact with other children instead of having to just watch them.”



Rose is pictured on the left surrounded by her family, The Honorable Tom Corbett, and IU17’s Dr. Christina Steinbacher-Reed, and on the right enjoying her very first ride on her new bike!

Lastly, on August 5th, Variety kicked off its programs with the BLaST IU 17 team, where we were joined by The Honorable Tom Corbett. Rose was one of 10 kids that received their new adaptive bikes, and her family couldn’t have been more thrilled!

Her mom, Joanna told us, “It would also give her a chance to enjoy the outdoors not confined to a stationary chair. I truly believe that receiving an adaptive bike would increase Rose’s quality of life!! She could enjoy voluntary movement, get outside more, and have fun! The motion that an adaptive bike would provide would increase her muscle movement, keep her flexible, and give her a chance to feel like a kid. Every kid should have a bike. The feeling of riding, the peace it brings. The thought of seeing her enjoy something as simple as bike riding makes my heart smile…”

THERE ARE MORE SMILES TO COME, so please stay with us as we keep touring along, as it’s all for the kids!