Comm Device Enables Brishauna to WORK!

At 19 years old, Brishauna has received two communication devices through Variety’s My Voice Program, and In her words, Brishauna told us,

“The Variety commutation device helps me communicate with my friends and co-workers as well as fans at PNC Park and Acrisure Stadium, where I work!!

Sometimes it’s frustrating to communicate wants and needs for myself, so I thank you Variety for giving me a voice using my communication device.”

At Variety’s Gala on October 13th, Brishauna and her family joined us, including her dad, Leshaun (both pictured above), who works with his daughter at Acrisure Stadium.

Leshaun explained how he setup Brishauna’s communication device, so that she can communicate to customers and WORK!

He uses a blue tooth connection between the comm device and a speaker, so Brishauna can greet each customer, ask for their order, and confirm their order is correct before getting it and checking them out.

Not only do the customers LOVE seeing Brishauna, but the entire team enjoys having her working with them just as much.

Leshaun said that customers love her so much, Brishauna comes home with BIG tips that she earns on her own – upwards of $500 a night!

In addition to her communication device, Brishauna also received an adaptive bike from Variety, which she absolutely loves to ride (all smiles above)!