Ethan’s New Wheels!

Ethan, age 6 received his new BLUE adaptive bike last Friday, September 28th, and he could not have been more excited.

His mom, Qiying described what this bike meant by saying,

“At age 3, Ethan was diagnosed with autism and other conditions that led to him being delayed in every aspect.

We have tried some bikes and tricycles since then, but none work as he can’t pedal. Ethan shows frustration and I really want him to learn this skill and have fun. Most importantly, I want him to have confidence from succeeding in learning how to ride a bike.

Two months ago, Ethan tried an adaptive bike at therapy, and it was the first time he ever rode a bike. He was able to pedal, and he had so much fun.

Now, Ethan has his very own bike that he can ride in the neighborhood with the other kids, he can have fun, and gain a sense of freedom and confidence.”

Yesterday, Qiying sent us the attached 7-second video of Ethan riding inside on a stationary stand, which Variety provides to every child.

It is short, but sincerely sweet to watch him smile on his new bike.