Annual Events – It’s All About The Kids

Variety has a few annual fundraising events that feature incredible networking with other regional leaders, as well as experiencing our amazing kids and mission first-hand.

You can get involved by supporting an event financially, volunteering your time, promoting the event to your friends / family, or attending.

These annual events, include:

  • Annual Gala (our most high profile event of the year and one of Pittsburgh’s finest)
  • Golf Outing (a day of golfing / fun on one of the region’s most prestigious courses)
  • Gold Heart Pin Campaign (annual pin that portrays an upcoming movie)

Please also view our Corporate Partnership Brochure that gives greater detail on how we can partner together.

Do you have an interest in planning your own event? Then please visit our fundraising page for more information and some ideas! We would love to work with you to help more kids!