Good News Train – CHOO, CHOO!

Some good news to bring a smile to your faces.

Over the last three weeks, we’ve safely held seven presentations with our incredible community partners to distributed more than 40 adaptive bikes and adaptive strollers!

A big shout out to our partners that graciously hosted and made these presentations safe and happen, including:  Central Intermediate IU 10, Capital Area IU 15, Carbon Lehigh IU 21, Appalachia IU 8, PlayWorks in Morgantown, Central Susquehanna IU 16, and Blackburn’s.


Pictured above is Camryn on her bike (left) and stroller (right) surrounded by her family – can you see her smile?!

13-year old Camryn from State College, PA received her second adaptive bike and new adaptive stroller, and her mom, Rosanne told us how much this bike truly means,

“For Camryn to have an adaptive bike in a larger size, it will continue to give her the feelings of independence and accomplishment when riding her bike alongside her older sister. It provides great joy and exercise for her. It allows her to be outside like every other kid – to do what kids do. Camryn loves the freedom it gives to her and we, her parents, love to see her huge smile when she is on her bike.”

Rosanne also described what difference the stroller will make,

“Camryn loves to be on the go, but due to her low tone, she wears out quickly and cannot keep up on a family walk – even if it is only around a block.

Not only that, but an adaptive stroller would allow us to keep her safe in crowds and places unknown to Camryn. It would be of great use when she tires, to allow us as a family to continue to do more and go places in the community/vacation, where as if she had to walk, we wouldn’t be able to go as she is getting too heavy and too lanky to carry.

Having an adaptive stroller would provide our family great freedom to do things, see places, and create memories as a family.”


A lot of beautiful smiles above!


Breann is checking out her new set of wheels!

5-year old Breann from Morgantown, WV received her new adaptive bike last Thursday, and her mom, Sandra told us how much this bike truly means, “My brother has a bike from the program and I never thought that he would be able to ride one. My daughter loves watching her uncle ride, and I would love to see her get one and ride it with him.

Sandra’s brother and Breann’s uncle, Nicholas received his adaptive bike through Variety in 2017!

That’s all from the “GOOD NEWS TRAIN” for now, but we’ll be rolling through again soon, so stay tuned for more smiles!

P.S. Do you want to share in more smiles? You can check out some of the recent media that we received from our distributions to see and read more about the impact of this equipment (