Happiness and Hope… these are two words we recently heard from parents that perfectly describe what our programs aim to provide for kids and their families!


Adem is pictured above “all smiles” riding his first bike!

Last week, Adem received his second adaptive bike and adaptive stroller, and his dad Ahmet told us, “Adem loves his new bike and stroller. We really appreciate you for making this happen. There are just a few things making him very happy in his world and riding bike is absolutely on top of the list!”

Additionally, Adem’s mom Stephanie shared with us at the presentation, “Today means happiness because although my son cannot walk anymore, he loves riding his bike… It’s the thing that gives him the most happiness.”


Rowen is pictured above checking out her new set of wheels!

Additionally, Rowen received her first adaptive bike and adaptive stroller last week, and her mom Constance shared, ”Today means hope for what my daughter will be able to do now because of the bike and stroller. It also is freedom for her because she’ll be able to participate more.”

It’s all about happiness and hope for our kids and their families – thanks for sharing in the joy!