“Happy Tears” from Sierra’s Parents

This short note from Sierra’s mom and dad is deeply moving, and we hope that it brings some happiness into your day / week!

The same day that Sierra received her new adaptive stroller (pictured above), Sierra’s mom, Elaine sent this message of joy,

“Sierra absolutely LOVES her stroller (and we do, too!!).

When she got in the door, she had her stroller name tag in her hand, and she was so excited to show me — she was pointing to the word ‘stroller’.

She was so excited for dad to bring it inside, and Sierra was absolutely bursting with excitement in anticipation.

Guess what — she wanted to sit in it IMMEDIATELY, and she moved her computer chair swiftly aside because she wanted her stroller in front of her computer desk / touch-screen computer. She even wanted to be seat-belted in–ha! ha!

Sierra is so happy sitting in her stroller right now–and watching a video of the Jack Rabbit roller coaster at Kennywood (one of her favorite places and rides)!

I just had to let you know — her JOY at having this stroller is beyond heart-warming to us. We are SO happy to see HER feeling so happy and content!

What a gift Variety has given our whole family — seeing Sierra smile and giggle because of the joy she has gotten from her adaptive bike, her communication device, AND NOW, her pretty raspberry adaptive stroller – this equipment is just PRICELESS!

Happy tears here from happy parents!

It’s safe to say that an adaptive stroller has an immediate impact on the kids and their families!