JOYANNA Shines with New Freedom

We wanted to share a quick smile that we thought you would enjoy.

JoyAnna received her new PINK adaptive bike AND adaptive stroller from Variety, and we can’t stop smiling after reading what her mom shared with us!

Prior to receiving her new equipment, JoyAnna’s mom, Valerie shared,

This adaptive stroller will help us to navigate our community safely and comfortably with JoyAnna.

She can walk, but she lacks safety awareness and will wander.

She also will drop to the ground and refuse to get up when she is in an unfamiliar place, when she doesn’t want to go somewhere, or when she doesn’t know the routine.

Additionally, JoyAnna has low muscle tone and gets tired after prolonged walking, so this stroller will help JoyAnna and our family enjoy settings like amusement parks, malls, community events, and unfamiliar places/activities of daily living!

Having an adaptive bike will give JoyAnna independence, exercise, and improve her coordination, as well as give her a new form of FUN that she has never been able to experience before…

She will be able to ride a bike like she sees the other children her age do. She has low muscle tone and poor balance, decreased core strength, and truly needs the support of an adaptive bike.

This bike will give her such a sense of accomplishment, motivation, and just plain JOY!”

As always, Variety’s work is truly ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!