Mary is a WARRIOR

I have to say it again, 14-year old MARY IS A WARRIOR!

This young girl’s story is both heartbreaking and awe-inspiring, but this past Tuesday, IT WAS ALL SMILES, as Mary received her new PINK adaptive bike (pictured below)!

KDKA has followed her journey after a very serious trampoline accident in August 2020 that resulted in a rare spinal cord injury. Mary’s mom, Pam Surano is a Reporter at KDKA, and a close Variety partner.

I have been grateful to help Pam and Mary throughout this difficult journey, and I wanted to let Pam’s own words truly describe what this new bike means,

“Mary is so vibrant and so active. A sudden accident has devastated her, not only does she have to face her fears every day and struggle to recover, she can do so little of what she used to be able to do. My hope is to get Mary outside enjoying life.

We have a secondary hope that the push through of her legs on the bike, along with the fun she will have while riding will encourage her to fight hard to re-gain leg function… and someday she will be able to push through on the bike on her own!!”

Mary is an inspiration, and as she looked forward to riding her new bike, she had some advice to share,

“Life is all about making the best of every situation, and when you don’t do that – it’s simply wasting time. So while you’re recovering, go out and get a new bike to enjoy the summer!! They are so much fun and definitely something to look forward to every day.”

Click here to watch Mary ride her new bike for the first time!

Here are a couple links to take in the full scope of Mary, and why she is a warrior:

I am in awe of the work we are doing and so grateful to you all. Our programs are making an immense impact, but it’s our extraordinary families that help us fully understand that impact first-hand.

Take good care,


Charles P. LaVallee
Chief Executive Officer
Variety – the Children’s Charity