Noah’s Mom Has High Hopes…

Variety Mom has high hopes for her son’s adaptive stroller!

Many have asked us, what exactly is an adaptive stroller? 

Above is an example of a Kid Kart Might Lite adaptive stroller – each one is customized for every child.

An adaptive stroller is not your typical infant stroller. Rather, it is an individually customized piece of equipment that gives “on-the-go” mobility, and an easier way to participate in daily activities.

Noah was recently approved for his adaptive stroller through Variety’s “My Stroller” Program, and his mom gave us some insight on what this meant,

Noah’s smile say it all as he sits in his new adaptive stroller!

“As Noah’s mom, I am SO happy to hear that he will be receiving an adaptive stroller… I am almost in tears. 

Without an adaptive stroller, we are completely cut off from leaving our home. His old stroller that we purchased second hand (more than 10 years ago) is missing a leg rest, doesn’t have harnesses, and is just unsafe due to him outgrowing it. 

I’m a single mom, and taking him to all of his doctor appointments is extremely difficult without a stroller. Noah will now be able to go for walks in our neighborhood again with a safe mode of transportation! 

We have literally opted out of attending family cookouts and events because we need a new stroller. Thank you and all those that support your organization from the bottom of our hearts!! 

Yours truly, Mara and Noah”

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