A program to help kids ride a bike.

Do you remember your first bike? Its color? The feelings of independence and freedom as you raced down the street and felt the wind in your hair?

Imagine never getting the chance to experience those cherished memories. It’s a sad reality for a lot of kids who are not able to ride a typical two-wheeled bike, due to physical limitations, challenges with balance or steering, or not feeling safe enough to ride comfortably.

An adaptive bike helps to make riding a bike possible for kids with disabilities.

In November 2012, Variety started its My Bike® Program to give children with disabilities the opportunity to ride a bike (many for the first time), to feel the joy and freedom that comes with a bike, and experience greater belonging with friends and family – along with so many other benefits.

Experience Mobility,
Freedom and Fun

We want all kids to have those same feelings of riding a bike that so many of us enjoyed when we were growing up. To feel proud of themselves, to find greater independence and self esteem, and to give parent’s the chance to create memories with their children. For a lot of kids, riding a bike seems out of reach or impossible, but Variety’s My Bike® Program is giving kids and their families the opportunity.

In 2024, our partners at Blackburn’s and Covalent helped us create a detailed tutorial video to empower families/partners to understand the intricate in’s and out’s of this life-changing equipment, especially how to ensure the child is safe.

Is Your Child Eligible?

Variety’s My Bike® Program is designed to serve children and youth who have a documented disability; reside in Variety’s 59-county service area; are 3 through 21 years of age; meet the income guidelines; as well as the other eligibility requirements outlined in the application.

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Looking to make a difference in a child's life? While the cost to sponsor one adaptive bike is $2,500, any donation truly makes a difference!