A program to help kids gain a voice 24/7.

Imagine if you couldn’t talk… how would you communicate? How would you tell someone if you’re hurt or what’s hurting? If you’re thirsty or hungry? Or simply want to share your thoughts or feelings?

As one mother said, “The core of our being is communication.”

For many children in our community, they are using a communication device in school or therapy to talk, but many only get to use it for brief periods of time and a majority are not able to take it home. So, when school ends, children have to shut off their voice.

A communication device and a prescribed communication app on it are costly and out of reach for many, and Variety wants to help families with it.

Finding a Voice

In November 2014, Variety unveiled its My Voice® Program to provide a communication device to eligible children living with a communication disorder to give them a voice at all times.

The program is designed with communication in mind and Variety has restricted / adjusted the device to be solely focused on communication.

Each communication device comes with a prescribed communication app, a specialized case that is designed for children with disabilities  (that even has a strap to carry with them wherever they go), and a two-year warranty.

Is Your Child Eligible?

Variety’s My Voice® Program is designed for children and youth who have a communication disorder documented by a licensed / certified Speech Language Pathologist; reside in Variety’s 59-county service area; are 3 through 21 years of age; meet the income guidelines; as well as the other eligibility requirements outlined in the application.

Apply Now

Looking to make a difference in a child's life? While the cost to sponsor one communication device is $1,200, any donation truly makes a difference!