Helping Kids, Be Kids

With a mission to empower children with disabilities to live life to the fullest, Variety the Children’s Charity provides life-changing mobility and communication equipment to ensure our most vulnerable kids are no longer left out, left behind, or excluded.

Variety’s programs and experiences are designed to empower children with disabilities, so they may gain mobility, confidence, independence, and the chance to have typical childhood experiences. Variety focuses on mobility, communication, and inclusion for children and families in 59 counties in PA.

Children with disabilities face a host of challenges and obstacles that are often unrecognized to those without disabilities. No child should be denied the opportunity to have typical childhood experiences simply because they have a disability.

Specifically, Variety provides eligible children with life-changing adaptive equipment that’s individually made and tailored to meet the needs of each child. Equipment is currently provided through three programs:

Eligible families can apply for one, two, or all three pieces of equipment. To see if you’re eligible, click the program links above and submit an application today.