Variety’s Annual Halloween Party

Each October, Covestro LLC and its extraordinary employees host and make possible Variety’s annual Halloween Party for Variety’s kids, their brothers, sisters, and parents.

About the Event:

This “Spooktacular” event is envisioned by Covestro employees, who transform the COVe into a fun-filled, interactive, Halloween-themed experience!

Covestro and its employees truly express caring for children with disabilities – because of them our kids have the opportunity to trick-or-treat just like every other child and enjoy a milestone celebration with their family. The party features a Halloween pumpkin contest (voted on by the kids), themed arts and crafts, a family picture room, entertainment, and lunch that even takes on the Halloween theme, as Parkhurst Dining serves up severed fingers (mini hot dogs), bloody daggers (pizza slices), and plenty more treats.

At the end of the party, all of the children participate in a Halloween Trick-or-Treat Parade, in which kids dance around the room to receive candy!