Our Peak Moments

Children with disabilities miss out on milestones due to their challenges, and in the same turn, families miss out on these same experiences. Many kids are unable to visit Santa Claus in the mall because of the noise / congestion, or go trick-or-treating due to their mobility issues. They’re also missing out on experiences to feel included, make new friends, and have fun.

Experiences & Events for the Entire Family

Variety’s “Peak Moments” Program is designed to provide inclusion and interaction for children who are 3 through 21 years of age, and dedicated to providing places and times to be together where we have fun, are ourselves, are accepted for who we are, and feel that we belong to the Variety family.

These experiences and events are a way for the entire family to do something together with no one having to be left out. It is a chance for our kids to participate and not miss out, as well as an opportunity to have fun and make friends.