The Gift of ‘My Bike’ at Bayer

Bayer hosted a “double-header” bike presentation on April 19, 2013. 

126 children with disabilities received their new adaptive bikes during a two-part presentation at Bayer – this being the single largest presentation of adaptive bikes ever in the nation.

During the event, Brian was presented with Bike #250 through Variety’s “My Bike” Program by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and Brian quickly said, “I’ve always wanted to ride with my family around the park and I haven’t been able to, but now I have the chance. This is awesome!”

Discussing the importance of Variety’s “My Bike” Program and its model for the rest of Pa. and the nation, Governor Corbett noted, “I see no reason why in the years to come, this program cannot reach out to every county in Pennsylvania. And after that, to the rest of the county.”

Brian w/ his family & Gov. Corbett.

Mary, mother of James (who received an adaptive bike previously in March 2013) spoke to families about the impact the bike has made on James and their entire family.

James is all smiles on his bike!

Mary said, “The bike is more than just a handle bar and three wheels… it is freedom, normalcy. It is amazing to see what James is doing now. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a couple weeks after receiving his bike, James walked independently for the first time, taking 14 steps… all by himself!” 

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