A “Doubleheader” Week Impacted 25 Amazing Kids!

This week’s “doubleheader” of presentations impacted 25 kids with $37,200 worth of adaptive equipment!

Zach is pictured above ALL SMILES with his brother Sammy and mom, Kimberly.

This week, Variety had two presentations of adaptive bikes, adaptive strollers, and communication devices. On Monday, we partnered with the Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 in Johnstown, Pa. and on Wednesday, we partnered with the Capital Area Intermediate Unit in Enola, Pa., and in total, we presented 25 local kids with their new equipment – worth $37,200!

One of these kids was Zach, age 8 from Elizabethville, Pa., who received his new BLUE adaptive bike. His mother, Kimberly told us what this bike would mean,

“My son Zachary enjoys the outdoors. He struggles with balance and needs assistance and encouragement, but is doing his best daily. I believe having a bike that he’s comfortable and safe on will help build his self-esteem and motivation to continue being active. I’d love to experience a ‘mommy and me’ day of just riding bikes together. Riding a bike is fundamental and every child should have the opportunity to ride.”

We also met Makensey, age 15, from Portage, Pa., who was beaming with joy to receive her new PINK adaptive bike.

Makensey is ALL smiles on her new bike!

Her mother, Donna told us how this bike would make a difference on a number of levels,

“An adaptive bike would allow Makensey greater independence and allow her to join neighborhood activities. The bike would also be great exercise equipment to help with weight management, improve coordination skills, and maturity. She has already told me she is taking the bike down to the grocery store and she is going to do my shopping with her basket. I told her no way since it’s not safe, but she is clearly very excited for her bike!”

Since November 2012, more than 2,500 adaptive bikes, adaptive strollers, and communication devices have been sponsored for eligible kids throughout Variety’s 54-county service area in Pa. and West Virginia (that is nearly $3.9 million worth of adaptive equipment).

The impact that has been created for these extraordinary kids is because of the incredible team of people (people like you) that give their time, resources, and support to make this work a reality. Thank you so much.

Janessa Shared Her “New Voice” Before 15 Kids Received Equipment!

On Friday, March 23rd, Variety presented life-changing equipment at the Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU) to 15 local kids with disabilities with each piece individually tailored to meet their needs.

Prior to our presentation, Janessa, age 11 kicked things off by demonstrating how she uses her communication device – her new voice – that she received from Variety last November.

Janessa is pictured with her mom and Variety’s CEO.

Since receiving her device, Janessa has been featured in two television spots through Highmark’s Living Proof campaign, one in which she uses her device to talk with her doctor for the first time, and then another to order food at a restaurant for the first time.

One of the most meaningful moments of the event was hearing Janessa’s mom, Julie update us on the progress and impact that has taken place for Janessa, and ultimately, her entire family since receiving her device (her new voice) – click below.

To give you even more to smile about, thanks to Janessa, three of her classmates received communication devices as well, including Ryan, age 9, who was more than a little excited.

Ryan is pictured above with his mom holding his new voice!

His mother, Monique gave voice to how life-changing this device would be by saying,

“Ryan’s greatest ability is his love of reaching out to people and attempting to communicate his wants and needs. He often launches into very long and animated stories complete with hand gestures and big laughs. Unfortunately, his educators, classmates, and many loved ones cannot understand him because they are his own made up words and not real words.

Ryan’s life would improve exponentially with a communication device. As a parent, its heartbreaking to see this deficit. We truly believe a communication device along with hard work on our part, Ryan’s enthusiasm and this device could change his entire social, educational, and emotional lifestyle.”

The March 23rd presentation also featured a terrific “equipment parade” with cheers of celebration that I’m sure you’ll enjoy – click here to watch for yourself.