“No Child Without A Voice” Campaign

On Tuesday, August 22nd, Variety – the Children’s Charity and Edgar Snyder & Associates held a Press Conference to launch the “No Child Without A VoiceCampaign, and to publicly unveil ESA’s newest television spot featuring Variety’s “My Voice” Program!

Tyler and his family are pictured above with Variety CEO, Charlie LaVallee while filming for the newest Edgar Snyder & Associates’ tv spot.

This campaign kicks off the 2017 school year to identify every eligible child that could benefit from Variety’s “My Voice” Program.

Why is “My Voice” important? Imagine spending months trying to figure out why your daughter is crying every night to learn that there was something stuck in her ear. Imagine spending hours in the supermarket with your child to figure what they want to eat. Imagine never hearing your son or daughter say, “I love you.” These are the types of comments that parents have told us.

Variety’s “My Voice” is helping to unlock the wants, needs, feelings, and thoughts that our kids have inside, but don’t have a way to say them on their own.

Charles LaVallee, Variety CEO, highlighted the importance of the campaign by saying, This isn’t just about providing equipment. This is about building a movement to get society to recognize that these kids deserve the opportunity to communicate. That’s why we’re so fortunate to have our partnership with Edgar Snyder & Associates, and them bringing awareness to this unmet need.”

Edgar Snyder & Associates has been partnering with Variety for nearly 5 years to help raise funds and identify eligible children that could benefit from its programs. Attorney Edgar Snyder said, “Our law firm has long been a supporter of Variety – the Children’s Charity and its programs for children with disabilities. We see how adaptive equipment like bicycles and strollers has changed the lives of children and their families throughout western Pennsylvania. Now we want to help get the word out about Variety’s newest program, “My Voice”, to help as many kids as we can.”

Another long-term partner of Variety has been the United Steelworkers. Tom Conway, Vice President Administration, USW shared, “USW is honored to have sponsored 25 communication devices and we are participating in the identification campaign among our own members, as well as the broader community.”

The Press Conference was all about providing these extraordinary kids, with amazing possibilities. About giving kids a voice to express their choices, personality, feelings, and needs.

LaVallee went further to say, “Variety is excited to have partners like Edgar Snyder & Associates and USW come together to help these kids who are often unseen. We are committed to identifying every single eligible child, so that no child is without a voice of their own.”

Thanks to Sarah Arbogast (KDKA) for joining us at yesterday’s event with Edgar Snyder & Associates! http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2017/08/22/technology-giving-children-disabilities-voice/

Partner Spotlight: Edgar Snyder & Associates Gives Back!

Variety has been partnering with Edgar Snyder & Associates (ESA) since 2012 when we kicked off our “My Bike” Program. The team at ESA has been nothing but enthusiastic and eager to get involved and support Variety kids in any way they can.

Hayden is all smiles on his new bike beside his sister, Variety CEO Charlie LaVallee, and ESA Partner Cindy Danel.

Each year, ESA and its employees have worked to not only raise funds and awareness, but to help us identify more kids who are in need of adaptive equipment. Some of the initiatives Edgar Snyder & Associates has launched are:

  • Bases for Bikes – since 2015, ESA has donated $50 every time an Altoona Curve player steals a base during a home game. So far, each season has raised enough money to pay for two adaptive bicycles.
  • Power Plays for Kids – this program is similar to Bases for Bikes. ESA donated $50 every time the Erie Otters had a power play during a home game. Enough money was raised to cover the cost of two adaptive bikes.
  • ESA Television Spot – Variety was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky organizations featured in an ESA television spot. The commercial began airing in August 2014 and has not stopped since. The amount of awareness and credibility that the commercial has generated is more than Variety could have ever dreamed of gaining. It is also helping us identify kids and families who need our services but didn’t know about Variety beforehand.
  • Equipment Presentation – Thanks to ESA, Variety hosted a presentation of adaptive bikes in the iconic US Steel Tower in downtown Pittsburgh (see the clip below). Our kids even had the chance to take their first inaugural ride around the building – not many can say the same, but our kids can!

  • Holiday Gift Drive – employees donated holiday gifts as part of Variety’s annual Holiday Party in 2013 and 2014. The party includes more than 300 kids, siblings, and parents each year.
  • Likes for Bikes – through this program, ESA donated $1 to Variety for every like they received on their social media pages.

We are truly grateful for the partnership we’ve had with Edgar Snyder & Associates over the years. The work we’ve done together has had an impact on so many lives, and it’s been an honor watching children thrive in ways they might not have once thought possible.

If you are interested in how you can help, feel free to learn about the ways you can give.