JOY, JOY, & MORE JOY – something to smile about

Miles of SMILES!

This holiday season, Variety had the chance to present more than 80 pieces of adaptive equipment during 5 presentations to kids with disabilities, and it was pure JOY, JOY, JOY!

In partnership with the Central Intermediate Unit #10, Forbes Hospital, PlayWorks, Range Resources, and Saint Vincent Hospital, we presented 35 adaptive bikes, 15 adaptive strollers, and 32 communication devices (worth $123,900).

Here’s a few highlights to smile along with us!

Zane is pictured above “all smiles” with his family on his new bike and showing off his new device.

Zane received his new adaptive bike AND communication device during a presentation with PlayWorks in Morgantown, WV. His mom, Autumn described the bike’s impact simply by saying, “Zane loves being outdoors. He struggles with a regular bike, so he usually chases his sister rather than getting to ride with her.” Now, Zane will get to just be a kid and ride bikes alongside his sister.

Brylee immediately began checking out her new device (her new voice).

For Brylee and her parents, a communication device will have a significant impact to daily life. Her mom, Candace told us,

Though our daughter can be verbal, she really isn’t. When you ask Brylee ‘how was your day,’ or ‘what did you do in school today,’ or ‘what do you want for dinner,’ her response is usually silence. On occasion she will give you just a repetitive response she has heard a million times and what she thinks to be the appropriate response, but it’s mostly a one-sided conversation…which has been one of the most heartbreaking things.

Another big hurdle for us is not knowing what could be wrong with our daughter when she is sick, or when something is hurting her. When you have a child that just starts crying her eyes out for no reason, but cannot communicate to you that her belly hurts, or that she stepped on something and now her foot hurts because she has no way to communicate to you is very freighting.

Being able to know what is wrong with her when she is sick and being able to have more conversations with her that are no longer one sided is huge!

Noah is pictured above feeling comfy in his new stroller.

After Noah got his new adaptive stroller at Range Resources, he and his mom were planning to take a stroll around the Mall at Robinson – something they struggled to do previously. His mom, Christine told us, “We can’t wait for Noah to get his stroller.  It will make going to and from school so much easier.  We will be able to go to the mall, out for walks, and to the amusement park without worrying about Noah running away.  We will not have to strain so much carrying him as well.”

During our five recent presentations, we were grateful to have local media coverage, which will hopefully enable more kids to be identified and receive this life-changing equipment. Click on the links below to share in Variety’s “Tour de Joy”.

  • Presentation with Range Resources (Allegheny County):
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    • WTAE-TV

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Range Resources Gives Back!

This past December, Range Resources Corporation & its incredible team hosted a special holiday-themed presentation for local kids to receive their very own individually customized adaptive bikes. Range even produced this incredible video recapping the day!

A Year of Possibilities for 444 Children!

This past year, Variety was able to impact 444 children with their very own adaptive bike, adaptive stroller, or communication device, and we could not have done it without our amazing community of partners, helpers, and advocates!

For these 444 kids, this past year meant…

The opportunity to feel free and happy through their own bike…

Gage is pictured on his new adaptive bike that received this past year through Variety’s “My Bike” Program!

“Gage is so excited about this bike. It made my heart smile to watch him accomplish another milestone. ‘My Bike’ is important to so many families who are less fortunate and have mentally, medically, or physically challenged love ones. This program is making a difference in the world, one child and family at a time… giving hope, building confidence, encouraging independence, and providing self-esteem.” -Tracy, mother of Gage

The ability to be “on-the-go” & not be isolated or left out…

Jeorge is pictured with his parents in his new comfy adaptive stroller that he received this past year through Variety’s “My Stroller” Program!

“The wheelchair is really heavy and takes two people to get it in and out of our van. During family outings, like Idlewild, it was always so hard to get him involved. It means everything to us to have this stroller – to participate as a family in outings in the community.” -Lacey, mother of Jeorge

And the chance to have a voice, & express their wants & needs.

Allysha is pictured with her mom showing off her new communication device – her new voice – that she got this past year through Variety’s “My Voice” Program!

“It hurts me so much that she can’t talk to me. They have a device for her in school, but it doesn’t come home, so I don’t understand her, and she gets so upset and sad about it.  I want her to know that I love her just as much as her sisters and everyone else… and she can tell me anything.  That would mean the world to me.” -Kristyn, mother of Allysha

With your help, we can impact even more kids with disabilities!

There are two ways you can help this giving season:

  1. Make a donation of any amount to help us provide more adaptive bikes, adaptive strollers, or communication devices to kids that are in need. All donations will go directly to the kids, and are 100% tax deductible. Download our donation form by clicking here, or give online at
  2. Spread the word to everyone you know about our three equipment programs. One of our biggest challenges at Variety is identifying eligible kids. With your help, we hope to start a movement this new year, so that no eligible child misses out on these life-changing opportunities! Click here to download our program handout, and please share it at home, at work, and everywhere you go in the community.

At Variety, we are a family, and our work is not possible without each and every one of you. Thank you!