A “Dream Come True” for Colton

On Monday, July 9th, Colton, age 7 received his new BLUE adaptive bike during a presentation at Easter Seals West Virginia, and it was truly a “dream come true” for him and his family.

Colton is pictured above admiring his new bike (photo by WTRF).

When applying to Variety’s “My Bike” Program, Amber told us, “I had given up on the dream of my son riding a bicycle. Finding out that there is a chance is beyond words. The chance for him to build muscles and confidence is wonderful.”

During Monday’s presentation, Amber went further to describe what this day meant, “It’s really impossible to put it into words. I had given up the fact that Colton would ride a bicycle. It was a mixture of disbelief that he was going to get to do something that most children get to do.”

Colton’s pictured holding his new bike on their home.

As soon as the family got home, Amber wrote to Variety and said, “Our ride home was a little over an hour, and 90% of it was spent like this with a smile (picture above), unless I was stopped and able to take a picture.”