“This Bike Represents Freedom”

Last year, Evan received an adaptive bike through Variety’s “My Bike” Program.

Amy, mother of Evan helped us truly understand what “freedom” meant for her son (and so many other children just like him) by saying…

Evan rides his bike for the first time, as his dad guides him from behind.

“I think above all else, this bike represents freedom for Evan.

Freedom on many levels. Freedom to be just like any other ten year old boy on a bike. But also freedom to be in control of himself – which does not happen very often for Evan. Freedom from being completely dependent on others. Freedom to go where he wants (within reason of course) as fast or as slow as he wants.

Most of Evan’s life, he is dependent on others for every element of his life – not when he is on the bike though! When he is on the bike, he is free from therapists, adults, parents, and teachers telling him what he can and cannot do.

Long term, I hope this bike helps Evan realize that he is his own person and has the ability to make his own decisions and way in life.”

We are thankful to everyone who continues to help us, help kids like Evan find freedom in their lives. We could not do it without your support, time, and outreach.