Variety Isn’t Slowing Down!


Over the last few weeks, we distributed 12 adaptive bikes and 7 adaptive strollers (worth $32,100), and then fit 10 more kids for their bikes (the last step before ordering)!

Please take two-minutes to CHECK OUT THESE SMILES AND STORIES!

June 30th at the Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV:

Sebastian is all smiles above.

3-year old Sebastian (pictured above) could not wait for his new lime green adaptive bike. His mom, Andrea explained how much it meant, “Sebastian is very outgoing and active and loves to spend time with his siblings and cousins, doing things that normal children do, like riding bikes. It will be a great exercise for Sebastian, but not only that, it will also make him feel included and grant him some independence when we go walking/biking as a family. It will be a lot more fun to him than just sitting in a stroller or wheelchair.”

With his new bike (made individually for him), Sebastian won’t miss out on the feelings of freedom, joy, and fun that come with riding a bike. He’ll just be one of the kids.

July 7th at the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit 7:

WIU7 kids and their new equipment!

16-year old Hannah (pictured above on her new red bike with some of the other recipients) received her 2nd adaptive bike, and her mom, Beth Telford explained how much impact the bike has created for Hannah and their entire family,

“Hannah is so happy when she rides her adaptive Rifton tricycle that she received from Variety in 2013. It is a wonderful means for exercise as well as having fun with her brothers and me. Hannah is very proud of herself when she’s on her bike. She sings, in her own way, and smiles the entire time.

Having a bike to take with us when we go camping makes our family camping trips so much more special as she can get around the campground like her brothers and the other kids there. Biking is a fun, family activity that creates strong bodies and good moments which become good memories.”

Did you know that after 3 years, Variety allows eligible families to reapply for a new bike? It has been a joy to see kids like Hannah, and so many others receive their second bike – knowing that the first has brought them years of pure joy!

Read more about the day at WIU7 in this terrific article by TribLive:

July 27th at the Capital Area Intermediate Unit:

Katie is riding like the wind above!

For 14-year old Katie (pictured above), Monday meant freedom and fun when she received her new PINK adaptive bike. Her mom, Mary told us, “Katie has a Rifton bike on loan to use at her school for physical therapy. Katie loves the bike as it makes her feel independent as well as normal. If Katie had a Rifton bike to use at home, she would be able to use it when our family goes on walks, hikes at the local state park, and provide some physical exercise and hopefully increase her desire to be outside more.

We were grateful to have ABC27-News join us for the distribution and featuring Katie’s bid day! Check out what Katie is most excited about in this 1-minute piece:

With partners like MIU4, WIU7, CAIU, Blackburn’s (and so many more), we are continuing to make an impact for kids with disabilities and their families!

Thank you all for sharing in the joy and supporting our important work to help kids, be kids!