Raising money is critical to every non-profit, and Variety strives to keep its mission at the center of its fundraising efforts – making it truly all about the kids.

Host Your Own Fundraising Event

We are always open to a fundraising event or initiative that you might have in mind, too.

Some ideas might include:

  • throw a birthday party or celebration (ask for donations in lieu of gifts),
  • host an open house or dinner party,
  • coordinate a fitness challenge or bike ride,
  • hold a bake sale, yard sale, ice cream social, or community event,
  • put together a crowd-funding campaign (e.g. Go Fund Me),
  • open up the door and introduce Variety to your employer…

Should you be interested in planning your own event, please start by filling out this form. If you have questions, then you can contact Zach Marsh at or 724-933-0460.

Variety also has a few annual events to get involved in: