Organizational Giving

We want to partner with you to help more kids, and to also help strengthen your organization’s brand / goals. Let’s make a difference, together. Click here to review our Partnership Brochure.


Variety partners with many corporations / businesses to raise funds, as well as engage employees – showing them how their employer is making a lasting difference in the community. Our work cannot be done without the time, support, and expertise of our corporate partners, and we would love to hear from you. Are you looking for a partner to increase your company’s brand? Do you want to engage your employees in something meaningful and life-changing? Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can do something, together.


Variety works closely with civic and educational organizations to create greater awareness of our programs and identify eligible kids in the community. Many of these partners also have interest in raising funds to sponsor adaptive equipment for kids in their community (e.g. Indiana County). Can you distribute our program handouts to those that you serve or to the broader community? Are you interested in raising funds in the community to help a local child? Let us know if you can help us, help more kids!


Religious organizations of all faiths have a constant mission to giving back to the community, so Variety is a perfect fit. Can you include a blurb about Variety in your congregation’s bulletin (or something online)? Would you welcome a Variety speaker during one of your services or meetings? Let us know how we can partner with you and better serve your members.


There are many opportunities for sponsorship, including larger events like Variety’s Gala or Golf Invitational. Variety also makes it possible for individuals / groups to sponsor adaptive bikes (i.e. $1,800 to sponsor one), adaptive strollers (i.e. $1,500 to sponsor one), or communication devices (i.e. $1,200 to sponsor one). All sponsorship donations are tax-deductible and will truly make a life-changing difference for kids with disabilities.