WE’RE ALL FOR ONE // Impacting Kids During Pandemic

On Monday, April 27th, Variety (excitingly) took steps to safely roll out a process to present adaptive bikes to eligible kids with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ricky & his family giving a big THUMBS UP!

We did it with the help of Blackburn’s and Ricky – one very special 10-year old, who not only got his new adaptive bike, but also helped us film a “how to” video for bikes to be presented remotely.

For Ricky, this adaptive bike is not only life-changing, but thrilling. His mom, Michelle told us,

“Ricky is jumping up and down with pure joy! He’s not only excited that he will receive his bike on Monday, but he’s also thrilled that he gets to be a model for the video and ultimately make sure more kids like him can get their bikes during this time! He’s already picking out his outfit and mask to wear on Monday. Overall, Ricky has had a very challenging life, especially early on. He has 9 medical diagnosis, including autism, chromosome deletion, and low muscle tone. This bike is going to transform him!”

Michelle went further to say, “This time with the pandemic is especially hard because Ricky doesn’t understand why he can’t go to school. Why he can’t play with kids in the neighborhood. Why he can’t go to Walmart.” Overall, this pandemic has been especially difficult on kids with special needs.

Well, Ricky now has the chance to ride a bike, especially during this time and feel more like a kid! His mom, Michelle sent us this photo of him riding it and added, “He went on three bike rides on our street last night! I walked 3,000 steps – per my FitBit – behind the bike! …He’s a happy boy!”

Ricky back at home the night after receiving his new adaptive bike!

Through Ricky’s incredible help, we will be able to have a bike safety video for Physical / Occupational Therapists to utilize, so that Variety can continue to present other adaptive bikes to kids safely/responsibly during this time throughout our 71-county service area.

Ricky starring in our bike safety video.

Regarding the safety video, Ricky said, “I felt happy doing it. I’m going to make kids happy and safe!”

Even if it’s one child at a time, we’re committed to providing adaptive equipment to kids with disabilities, especially now!