Can you still remember the wind ‘whooshing’ past your face… as you raced down the neighborhood street on your first bike?

Throughout the years, I have listened to parents tell me about the heartache they feel again and again, as they would watch their child be left out or left behind from the other kids because riding a two-wheeled bike was not possible.

One father recently shared that he was just, “tired of watching his daughter cry when the other kids went off to ride bikes.”

It broke his heart, and his words broke mine… until we presented his daughter, Addyson with her own adaptive bike this past April (pictured below), and there were A LOT of smiles!

Bike riding has always been considered a “childhood milestone” (giving kids joy, freedom, belonging), and for a child with disabilities, an adaptive bike is truly life-changing because it makes bike riding possible.

You can be a part of changing a child’s life and bring your own bike riding memories to life by supporting My Bike. Any donation makes a difference, as we strive to give all kids the chance to ride bikes and have fun.

As I’ve said many times, thank you so much for being a part of the Variety Family, where it is truly ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!