You Just Never Know

An easy way to support Variety 365 days a year is by simply talking about what we’re doing with those you know or meet.

What I’ve found is that you just never know the difference you’ll make by bringing up and sharing Varety’s programs with those in the community.

Some recent examples of “You Just Never Know” conversations in the community:

  • Earlier this month, we joined Al Todd and Al’s Bike Drive for their celebratory banquet at Wildwood Country Club – wrapping up their 2023 campaign. There, I got to speak with a staff member at the Club, and it turns out, they have a grandchild who is nonverbal and might benefit from a communication device and they planned to follow-up immediately.
  • When I was interviewed in October for this article in the Trib, I met with the reporter, Natalie in-person. We ended up talking 2 to 3 hours, as I quikcly came to learn that her daughter, Penelope has autism and is nonverbal. Natalie never heard about Variety’s programs before our meeting.

    Coming full circle, Penelope was fit for her own adaptive bike at Wildwood as part of the banquet for Al’s Bike Drive. Natalie and Penelope will join us in January to receive her new bike at Covestro!

    Penelope is also in-process to receive a communication device as well!

  • Two weeks ago, I was talking to another woman in the community, and her son is dating a girl whose sister is nonverbal. After learning about our My Voice® Program, this mom and her son planned to share our program information in hopes that the child could benefit.
  • A few months ago, I picked up lunch in Wexford, and at the time, I was wearing a vest with Variety’s logo on it. The woman helping me saw Variety and said, “My child’s therapist just suggested we apply to Variety for an adaptive stroller, as my daughter is an eloper.” So, I got to explain the impact we’ve heard from other families and encourage her to apply.

Maybe 2024 can be the “You Just Never Know” campaign to identify even more kids throughout our service area and ensure every family knows that our programs exist.

Here’s a special photo of Penelope from her bike fitting! What was so meaningful is how calm she became once she got onto the bike. She loved it so much, she stayed on it through the banquet’s lunch.

Thanks for everything you do to share Variety’s mission because you just never know whose child you’ll help get equipment (feel free to utilize our program handout and list of barriers to reach kids in your community).

Take good care,


Charles P. LaVallee
Chief Executive Officer
Variety – the Children’s Charity